Although Jonai (inner market) of Tsukiji were moved to Toyosu, Jagai (outer market) are remain in business. You can enjoy Sushi and seafood rice bowl using fresh ingredients. There are many walk-and-eat foods such as egg roll, deli, rice ball, seafood on skewer, and etc. Please note that most of the stores and restaurants will be closed around 3p.m., since many of them are open early in the morning. Of course, you can enjoy lunch there, but we'll recommend to take breakfast too.

Customer Feedback

  • I really felt, all over again, Japan's culinary history. 40s・Man
  • I'd always seen these kinds of things on TV, and wanted to go see them in person just once, for myself, but I was surprised by how many other people there were. The food was delicious. 40s・Woman
  • The food was delicious, and I got to have fun visiting a lot of different restaurants. 20s・Woman
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