This Tokyo's symbol has been loved for more than 50 years. Even though the role as a broadcasting tower finished after Tokyo Skytree opened, it's still very popular with many people. From observatory that open all year round, you can see scenery of Tokyo, different from what you can see from Tokyo Skytree. Special observation deck will receive a grand opening on March 2018, under the new name of "Top Deck" to celebrate the 60th anniversary. In "Top Deck Tour" (need advanced reservation), you will experience Tokyo Tower's history, and enjoy panoramic view of modern-day Tokyo, where they will be enveloped by geometric mirrors and LED lighting that immerse them in the atmosphere of a future metropolis.

Customer Feedback

  • I was able to climb Tokyo Tower, one of the symbols of the city, and get an unbroken view of the city. 40s・Woman
  • To see Tokyo Tower illuminated in different colors than usual from such an excellent spot... I was really moved. 50s・Woman
  • The surrounding area makes for a much prettier view, compared to the area around Tokyo Skytree. 60s・Man
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