Steps For Using Our Service


Route Selection & Booking

Please fill in your desired sightseeing locations and the required details into the Custom Route Booking Form and submit.


Booking Details Confirmation & Contact

We will confirm your booking details and contact you within 1 to 2 businesses days with a route proposal and estimate.


You will be contacted with vehicle arrangements, payment, and driver information (only if requested).

After all arrangements including vehicle arrangements are completed, we will send a credit card payment email to customers who want Online Prepayment. Please follow the guide to settle payment via credit card.
* Payment via cash or credit card in person is also available.
In addition, on or before the day the ride is scheduled we will send a notice to those request it with the driver's contact information.
* Depending upon the meeting point, we may also contact you to inform you with this same method.



The driver will meet you at the appointed place and time. Enjoy Tokyo sightseeing.


Please refer price inside ( ) for English tour fee.
Click here for Peak Season / Off Season calendar.
  • Regular car
    3H 17,560JPY(22,960JPY) - -
    3.5H 20,410JPY(26,710JPY) - -
    4H 23,260JPY(30,460JPY) 25,260JPY(32,460JPY) -
    4.5H 26,110JPY(34,210JPY) 28,110JPY(36,210JPY) -
    5H 28,960JPY(37,960JPY) 30,960JPY(39,960JPY) 34,740JPY(43,740JPY)
    5.5H 31,810JPY(41,710JPY) 33,810JPY(43,710JPY) 37,880JPY(47,780JPY)
    6H 34,660JPY(45,460JPY) 36,660JPY(47,460JPY) 41,020JPY(51,820JPY)
    6.5H 37,510JPY(45,460JPY) 39,510JPY(51,210JPY) 44,160JPY(55,860JPY)
    7H 40,360JPY(52,960JPY) 42,360JPY(54,960JPY) 47,300JPY(59,900JPY)
    7.5H 43,210JPY(56,710JPY) 45,210JPY(58,210JPY) 50,440JPY(63,940JPY)
    8H 46,060JPY(60,460JPY) 48,060JPY(62,460JPY) 53,580JPY(67,980JPY)
    8.5H 48,910JPY(64,210JPY) 50,910JPY(66,210JPY) 56,720JPY(72,020JPY)
    9.0H 51,760JPY(67,960JPY) 53,760JPY(69,960JPY) 59,860JPY(76,060JPY)
    9.5H 54,610JPY(71,710JPY) 56,610JPY(73,710JPY) 63,000JPY(80,100JPY)
    10.0H 57,460JPY(75,460JPY) 59,460JPY(77,460JPY) 66,140JPY(84,140JPY)
    10.5H 60,310JPY(79,210JPY) 62,310JPY(81,210JPY) 69,280JPY(88,180JPY)
    11.0H 63,160JPY(82,960JPY) 65,160JPY(84,960JPY) 72,420JPY(92,220JPY)
    11.5H 66,010JPY(86,710JPY) 68,010JPY(88,710JPY) 75,560JPY(96,260JPY)
    12.0H 68,860JPY(90,460JPY) 70,860JPY(92,460JPY) 78,700JPY(100,300JPY)
    12.5H 71,710JPY(94,210JPY) 73,710JPY(96,210JPY) 81,840JPY(104,340JPY)
    13.0H 74,560JPY(97,960JPY) 76,560JPY(99,960JPY) 84,980JPY(108,380JPY)
    13.5H 77,410JPY(101,710JPY) 79,410JPY(103,710JPY) 88,120JPY(112,420JPY)
    14.0H 80,260JPY (105,460JPY) 82,260JPY (107,460JPY) 91,260JPY (116,460JPY)
    14.5H 83,110JPY (109,210JPY) 85,110JPY (111,210JPY) 94,400JPY (120,500JPY)
    15.0H 85,960JPY (112,960JPY) 87,960JPY (114,960JPY) 97,540JPY (124,540JPY)
  • Regular car
    3H 19,560JPY(24,960JPY) - -
    3.5H 22,410JPY(28,710JPY) - -
    4H 25,260JPY(32,460JPY) 27,260JPY(34,460JPY) -
    4.5H 28,110JPY(36,210JPY) 30,110JPY(38,210JPY) -
    5H 30,960JPY(39,960JPY) 32,960JPY(41,960JPY) 36,740JPY(45,740JPY)
    5.5H 33,810JPY(43,710JPY) 35,810JPY(45,710JPY) 39,880JPY(49,780JPY)
    6H 36,660JPY(47,460JPY) 38,660JPY(49,460JPY) 43,020JPY(53,820JPY)
    6.5H 39,510JPY(51,210JPY) 41,510JPY(53,210JPY) 46,160JPY(57,860JPY)
    7H 42,360JPY(54,960JPY) 44,360JPY(56,960JPY) 49,300JPY(61,900JPY)
    7.5H 45,210JPY(58,710JPY) 47,210JPY(60,710JPY) 52,440JPY(65,940JPY)
    8H 48,060JPY(62,460JPY) 50,060JPY(64,460JPY) 55,580JPY(69,980JPY)
    8.5H 50,910JPY(66,210JPY) 52,060JPY(68,210JPY) 58,720JPY(74,020JPY)
    9.0H 53,760JPY(69,960JPY) 55,760JPY(71,960JPY) 61,860JPY(78,060JPY)
    9.5H 56,610JPY(73,710JPY) 58,610JPY(75,710JPY) 65,000JPY(82,100JPY)
    10.0H 59,460JPY(77,460JPY) 61,460JPY(79,460JPY) 68,140JPY(86,140JPY)
    10.5H 62,310JPY(81,210JPY) 64,310JPY(83,210JPY) 71,280JPY(90,180JPY)
    11.0H 65,160JPY(84,960JPY) 67,160JPY(86,960JPY) 74,420JPY(94,220JPY)
    11.5H 68,010JPY(88,710JPY) 70,010JPY(90,710JPY) 77,560JPY(98,260JPY)
    12.0H 70,860JPY(92,460JPY) 72,860JPY(94,460JPY) 80,700JPY(102,300JPY)
    12.5H 73,710JPY(96,210JPY) 75,710JPY(98,210JPY) 83,840JPY(106,340JPY)
    13.0H 76,560JPY(99,960JPY) 78,560JPY(101,960JPY) 86,980JPY(110,380JPY)
    13.5H 79,410JPY(103,710JPY) 81,410JPY(105,710JPY) 90,120JPY(114,420JPY)
    14.0H 82,260JPY (107,460JPY) 84,260JPY (109,460JPY) 93,260JPY (118,460JPY)
    14.5H 85,110JPY (111,210JPY) 87,110JPY (113,210JPY) 96,400JPY (122,500JPY)
    15.0H 87,960JPY (114,960JPY) 89,960JPY (116,960JPY) 99,540JPY (126,540JPY)
Child seat・Booster seat (per seat) 2,000yen / Specify your driver:2,000yen
Vehicle contact number:Free / Wheelchair:Free
・When using this service inside of the 23 wards of Tokyo, or the cities of Musashino or Mitaka the charges above apply according to the time the service is utilized.
・The charges include the guide fees. The fee for each 30 minutes is 400 JPY for a Japanese-speaking guide and 1,300 JPY for an English-speaking guide.
・During the tourist season ( second Saturday in March - third Sunday in May / second Saturday in September - second Sunday in December), an additional 2,000JPY fee will be charged.
・The charges include the cost for selecting a Toyota Alphard (2,000 JPY) or the charge for selecting a Toyota HiAce (3,000 JPY).
・Tolls, admission fees, entrance fees, and parking fees incurred during use are not included.
・Payment can be through Online Prepayment or settled via credit card or cash on the day of travel when departing from the vehicle.
Furthermore, please be aware that in the case of Online Prepayment, all charges incurred on the day of transit such as the highway toll fees, parking fees, and all extension fees will be settled on the day the service is used.
・Please contact us if you are a customer who is using any ticket, or if you wish to pay via invoice (corporate customers with prior payment by bank deposit only).

Important Points to Note

  • ・Please inform us of your desired locations and requests when booking. We will propose a route that matches your wishes.
  • ・If you wish to ride outside of the 23 wards of Tokyo, or the cities of Musashino or Mitaka,in addition to the standard charges there will be an additional meter charge or an additional flat rate charge depending on the area.
Inquiries - Reservations by phone Reception time: Weekday 8:00〜16:45
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