(Imperial Palace)

There's two bridges (stone bridge and iron bridge) led over the moats of Imperial Palace. The iron bridge is also known as Nijubashi (means double bridge) , because the original bridge was built on top of an auxiliary bridge. The area of Imperial Palace are very popular sightseeing spot for foreign visitors too. You can gaze at the contrasting scenery of tranquil area that surrounded with moans, and row of skyscrapers of Marunouchi area. The outer circumference of Imperial Palace is about 5km, and it's popular jogging course for Japanese runner.

Customer Feedback

  • It was only a short period of time, but being at the center of the city like that I felt I had stepped through into a different space, a different dimension. 50s・Woman
  • The gorgeous views were magnificent, of course, but I was also very interested in the things our driver was able to tell us, acting as guide. It was fascinating, and I learned things I hadn't heard before from sources like TV. 50s・Woman
  • I saw the Emperor's car by luck, so Imperial palace left biggest impression on me though it was unexpected event. 40s・Man
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