Asakusa is one of the most popular sightseeing spot in Tokyo that attract about 30million tourists every year from home to abroad. This traditional downtown area (called Shitamachi) includes Sensoji Temple known as the oldest temple in Tokyo, great paper lantern of Kaminarimon, and Nakamise-dori street. Recently, the number of foreign tourists have been increasing, so there are full of people every day like a festival. You can enjoy not only Shitamachi foods such as Tempra, but also enjoy sweets such as Ningyo-yaki and melon bread in Nakamise area. We also recommend you to try retro attraction at "Hanayashiki", the oldest amusement park in Japan that reminiscent of the Showa era.

Customer Feedback

  • I was surprised at the number of sightseers about, and the atmosphere of the downtown area made quite the impression on me. 20s・Woman
  • We're able to help our guests experience culture that they can't see back home, and I think that this place left a strong impression in their memories. 50s・Man
  • It showed me a new Asakusa that totally different from daytime. I didn't knew that night Sensoji temple is so beautiful and can enjoy it calmly. 40s・Woman
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