National Diet Building, the center of Japanese politics, started the construction in 1920 and took 16 years to complete. There are House of Representatives on the left side and House of Councilors on right side. Also, there are Prime minister's office and Political Party's buildings near by. Anyone can take a tour of the building without reservation and it's very popular with Japanese as a social studies trip (Japanese guide only.
Need reservation for English tours) . You can see the luxurious interiors such as Chamber of the House of Representatives and Emperor's Room.

Customer Feedback

  • It's really impressive, a completely different experience than just seeing it on TV. 30s・Woman
  • I'd thought that the Houses of Parliament, were, for those who live in the region, something you never really visited, even if you saw them on TV sometimes, but during this trip I was elated that I had the chance to walk on those red carpets for myself. 50s・Man
  • I didn't know that a can see the inside of it. I feel admiration for the kind guide of the staff of building. 60s・Man
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