2 Hours Cherry Blossom Short Tour
(Tokyo station dep/arr)

Course No. B-038


  • Pick up
  • Chidorigafuchi / Yasukuni Shrine / Hibiya Park /Hamacho Park / National Theatre of Japan / Ningyocho
    (Choose 2~3 Spots)
  • Drop off
  • Chidorigafuchi

    Chidorigafuchi is one of most famous cherry blossom spot in Japan. About 260 cherry blossom trees planted at this promenade, and if you walk this promnade, you may feel as if you are walking inside the tunnel made from cherry blossoms.
  • Yasukuni Shrine

    More than 2,466,000 divinities are enshrined at Yasukuni Shrine. These are souls of men who made ultimate sacrifice for their nation from Edo Era to The Greater East Asian War. In the precincts of a shrine, there are about 500 cherry trees are planted, including Tokyo's representative cherry tree that is used by the meteorological agency to pronounce the official opening of the blossoms in the city. At Yushukan, there are many exhibits related to wars, including Zero fighter plane.
  • Hibiya Park

    The year 2023 marks the 120th anniversary of the establishment of park. It is biggest park in Chiyoda ward. It was once the locations of samurai residences in end of Edo era, and now it is a place for relaxation and refreshment for many office workers.

Departure Time

  • Free
  • 8:30
  • 9:00
  • 9:30
  • 10:00
  • 10:30
  • 13:00
  • 14:00
  • At night

You have not chosen a departure time. You can choose a time from 8:00 to 15:00 (30-minute slots).

Service area

  • Pickup area

    Tokyo Station / Chiyoda ward / Chuo ward / Minato ward

  • Dropoff area

    Tokyo Station / Chiyoda ward / Chuo ward / Minato ward

If you wish to be picked up or dropped off at places other than the above areas, please contact us through "Customized course" to arrange your route.


  • You may not able to see cherry blossoms depending on the seasons and weather.
  • Please note that the itinerary may change due to the situation of COVID-19 outbreak.
  • The arrangement of itinerary and staying time of each spot may change; it depend on your pick up/drop off point and traffic condition.
Sorry, but we don’t accept this reservation right now. We will start accepting reservations from March 2024.

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