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Transportation Rates

Rate of fare

Metered rate of fare Upon entry 500 JPY (Up to 1,096km)
Distance unit fare 100 JPY every 255 meters
Time unit fare 100 JPY every 1 minute and 35 seconds when driving under 10 km/h
Late night surcharge Xtra 20% between 22:00 and 5:00
Pick-up fee 400 JPY
Wagon fee Wagon Taxi (Seats 6):2,000 JPY / Wagon Taxi (Seats 9):3,000 JPY
※Charged only when wagon taxi is requested.
Reservation fee 500 JPY per reservation
※Waived if wagon taxi is requested.
Disability discount 10% off
Long distance discount 10% off for taxi fare exceeding 9,000 JPY

Range of service

Our service is available in Tokyo's 23-wards, Mitaka, and Musashino;
either your pick-up location or destination must be within this area.


We accept cash, electronic money, and credit cards.

Electronic Money

Credit Cards

Hinomaru Taxi Tickets
Payment is unnecessary when you use Hinomaru Taxi Tickets.
You must be a registered member to use these tickets.
For more information, see the Business Ticket Members Page.
Other Taxi Tickets

We also accept the following taxi tickets from credit card companies.

Gift Cards

We accept the following gift cards.